Tuesday, August 30, 2016

My love!

You keep asking me why I love you, what are my reasons to love you.
How can I love you so much?
Love is an unexplainable feeling, I think, you can fall in love for a person because of numerous aspects.
But here it goes.
I love you because when I look at your face more than beauty, I see kindness, I look in your eyes and I see truth.
I love you because when I look in your eyes I still feel nervous sometimes, and sometimes I stay out of words. I feel passion when I look at you, I feel protected in your arms.
I love you because your beauty, you are so beautiful to me, the most gorgeous men, and your inner beauty, you are such a good person, you are very kind and fair.
I love you because you bring the best of me, you defy and push me out of my limits and you teach me new things every day. You are so intelligent!
I love you because you never let me down, you support me in any situation.
I can be just me, in front of you, with all my glory and failures, because you don't jugde me.
I can't see my future without you, this is our life together. 
You and me, we are a team, we are the warriors of our journey.

You are the calm to my storm and the heat when I'm cold.
 I feel you in every heartbeat.
I'm imcomplete without you.
My beautiful husband, I love you for so many reasons!
You are everything to me. You are my world!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Like a hurricane!

Life is like the wind, she runs by you ferociously, shakes you, and continue.
You can't stop the wind,like you can't stop time, you can't control him but you can control your life.
Your alive even if you are in a low moment, your blood still runs in your body, your heart still beats. Even if your mind pushes you down, you can stop drown, you can get up.
You can't stop life but you can change it, you can change your mind.
You can stop the negative spiral, cause you have strenght to do it, you are not weak, you're are in a bad moment, but how many bad moments you had already? 
They don't last forever!
You can be a hurricane, cause you are strong.
Use your voice, get your head up, don't bite your tongue, don't let your inner voice be tamed, don't be afraid of taking risks, sometimes you must do it to make a huge change in your life, to pursuit your happiness.
Don't get stuck in that feeling that you are worthless, because you are not. Your are a beautiful human being, that deserves everything like others, you are so strong, more than you even imagine.
Life it's an aventure, get up and go live it, stand up for yourself, scream and cry if you need, fight!
Don't be ashamed of being afraid, but remember, you can fight all the shadows around you, you can shake them from you.
You are beautiful! So is Life!

Sunday, August 28, 2016


A woman shouldn't have short hair!
Women with a shaved hair has some kind of disease!
A woman that shaves her head is crazy, had some craziness moment, she is not ok to do such stupid thing.
What's happened? Why did you shave your hair? What went through your head? (The shaving machine! lol)
Your not gonna find a job because you are bald!
Hair is what make women pretty and feminine!
In a man, shaving is head it's ok, it's a man,it's not shocking!
We cannot ask for equality in that way, because woman should be and act in a supposed way!

Why? Why is so acceptable that a man shave his head and a woman it's so much of a problem?
Why so many things are accept if a man does it but not so much for women?
I'm not a feminist, but I belive in equality, not in victimhood. If you want to be treated like a woman act like one, like don't ask for equality and if you hit a man don't claim that he can't hit you back, just because you are a women. And the other way around.
I belive in equality in the way of support, if both work or so, you should help eachother in home tasks, for example. Thats only an example.
Women or men, first of all are human beings, shouldn't be a competition, who is better than the other. We are all people, good and bad people, thats it. We should support, not fight.
Anyway, why hair doesn't work in the same way, for man and woman, who was the person who dictated that woman should be full of hair in her head to be prettier or more feminine?
The first thing that I heard when I shaved my head was: You look like a boy!
But I didn't lose my feminine way, it didn't grow anything in me, why?
Because I didn't have long hair in my head. Hair it's only dead cells.
So you need to do what you want, what makes you happy. In the end it's your hair, your head, your body and your life!
Just be HAPPY!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Open your mind

Get rid of all the things you don't want inside you, begin again if you must.
In this new begin, let in, only the things and energy that suit you, and start training your mind to be less negative, because it's you who controls your mind not the other way around.
Don't let other people control your mind either, don't let them even try. Think for yourself, and analysis what other people tell you, if matter keep it and learn, but if it's gonna intoxicate you, leave it behind.
Don't let people control or influence the way you see your life. It's your's, if you made mistakes, it's gonna be your job to repair the damage, making mistakes is part of evolving.
Tell yourself that you deserve to have a good life and be happy and fake it until you make it, and train yourself to control you.
Because evolution doesn't happen in a day for another,you need time to change, your way of thinking, of feeling, of seeing. You must learn to have a new prespective of live, and it will be the way you want.
Get up, get your chin up and fight for youself, fight for your life, fight for the change.
Tomorrow always will be better if you want, fight for it.

Friday, August 19, 2016


Free yourself, do not be afraid to be who you are, to express yourself, to show yourself, be more confident.
Don't shrink, don't hide in the shadow, liberate your shoulders and raise your head.
Liberate you, train you to come a more confident person.
Accepts you as you are, because you are a unique being, there is no one like you, and what makes you unique is what is within you, your energy, your essence.
Become the person that you repress inside of you, do not be afraid to go out of the "normal", people will look at you, criticize you or even question you.
But what is "normal" nowadays?
Do not let the opinions of others affect you, it's your body, your mind, your essence, your life.
There is always someone who will not like it, and someone who will like, but it is perfectly normal, because you also do not like everything and everyone.
At the end of the day what matters is that you like it and you feel good in your skin, that you feel confidence and strength to the next morning continue with your life.
Only you have the power to change you, to evolve your being.
Be creative, be productive, free yourself of the barriers that exalted around you and be YOU!

The marvel of life

The one that you are now, in the present, it was created by a group of situations that happened in your past, that made the road that took you here, where you are and what you become.
The good moments and the bad.
You arrive yourself here, because in spite of all of the bad moments through where you wandered, the life gave you good moments for you to live, for you win force and that made you laugh and taught you to give value to the good moments of life because they don't last forever.
But the marvel that the life has is that nothing lasts forever, nor the bad moments, they only last enough time so you can learn with them, they help you to grow inwardly.
To every bad moment that you have, it will be easier to face it, as you will gain clarity, knowledge, you begin to focus in the solution instead of the problem and it begins to be more and more easy to notice what have to change in you and in what surrounds you, to overcome that bad moment.
Every time that the life becomes a storm you already know how to maneuver the boat better to avoid hitting the botom.
You can fight a bad time, however tired you are, because it will be worth it, for all the laughters that have not yet been given, for everything that has not been seen, for all the words that were not spoken, for all the places have not yet been visited, for all the moments that still  were not lived, the good ones and the bad.
They are all part of life, of your journey. Even if this time is not so good, better times will come to compensate.