Monday, January 18, 2016

Just live!

Today I wake up very tired, and all I wanted to do was crying.
Because... I know but also I don't know.
I'm too scared, it's the main feeling that I have, fear.
I feel that I'm getting old, and my profession life isn't going the way I want.
It never did in fact.
I always had jobs that I didn't like for one reason or another just to provide money.
As an adult I know, and already said in here,money simple don't fall from trees,I have to work to provide money for food and stuff.
But what I feel is, I'm not good enough in one thing to persuit the way and keep it. 

I'm just not good enough. I can't fight for a specific job,I know how to adapt because I have to, and sometimes I really reallyyy don't like what I do for work but I have to accept to do it anyway.
But in meantime I keep feeling empty,unhappy and lost.
And more and more stressed.
I deserve to be happy doing what makes me happy. 
Everybody should feel that way.

But first I don't have time because I'm working,second when I have time,I can't afford it. Or time is taken away from me to go work again, who knows where,because I'm not going to be able to choose it.
So I feel more and more disconnected with myself.
I feel angry,I feel sadness.
It feels like I will never be able to finally do what I want with my life,to control my way of living,to enjoy life, well when I still can.

So I just keep living!
And simply following the rules to not lose anything but, what if in the end I just lose myself completly?

Monday, January 4, 2016


Today I want to talk a little bit about Happy!
She is our little bunny, but in fact she is not a girl...She is BOY! :D
When my beloved brought her home, we thought that she was a boy, but their genitals not evolved after a few months, so,with much lack of knowledge about bunnys we come to the conclusion that she was a girl.

After some time while playing with her ​​I discovered she possessed boy 's genitals.
So she is a boy, but my beloved refuses to treat her like a boy. And he always tell, my daughter Happy.
My beloved offered me Happy when we were in Holland on my 22nd birthday. 
At that time I was not very well.So she came in the right time.
I was the one who chose her name, to remind me that in our lives there is always a piece of happiness and joy that we must seize. 
She's my piece of fluffy happiness. She's my baby . No matter what gender she has. What matters is that she feels loved and happy.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year

It seems like I'm always late to write about things.
But I really want to wish a lovely new year to everybody.
My entry in the new year was spectacular, it was all about laughing and being with the family, a lot better than Christmas Eve.
I really enjoy it.
We didn´t went to party somewhere but it was fun anyway.
And that's it, I hope this new year smile to everyone in the world and that everyone achieve there wishes and dreams.
Cause to dream is very important to go on further.
So never stop dreaming!