Friday, August 19, 2016

The marvel of life

The one that you are now, in the present, it was created by a group of situations that happened in your past, that made the road that took you here, where you are and what you become.
The good moments and the bad.
You arrive yourself here, because in spite of all of the bad moments through where you wandered, the life gave you good moments for you to live, for you win force and that made you laugh and taught you to give value to the good moments of life because they don't last forever.
But the marvel that the life has is that nothing lasts forever, nor the bad moments, they only last enough time so you can learn with them, they help you to grow inwardly.
To every bad moment that you have, it will be easier to face it, as you will gain clarity, knowledge, you begin to focus in the solution instead of the problem and it begins to be more and more easy to notice what have to change in you and in what surrounds you, to overcome that bad moment.
Every time that the life becomes a storm you already know how to maneuver the boat better to avoid hitting the botom.
You can fight a bad time, however tired you are, because it will be worth it, for all the laughters that have not yet been given, for everything that has not been seen, for all the words that were not spoken, for all the places have not yet been visited, for all the moments that still  were not lived, the good ones and the bad.
They are all part of life, of your journey. Even if this time is not so good, better times will come to compensate.

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