Sunday, August 28, 2016


A woman shouldn't have short hair!
Women with a shaved hair has some kind of disease!
A woman that shaves her head is crazy, had some craziness moment, she is not ok to do such stupid thing.
What's happened? Why did you shave your hair? What went through your head? (The shaving machine! lol)
Your not gonna find a job because you are bald!
Hair is what make women pretty and feminine!
In a man, shaving is head it's ok, it's a man,it's not shocking!
We cannot ask for equality in that way, because woman should be and act in a supposed way!

Why? Why is so acceptable that a man shave his head and a woman it's so much of a problem?
Why so many things are accept if a man does it but not so much for women?
I'm not a feminist, but I belive in equality, not in victimhood. If you want to be treated like a woman act like one, like don't ask for equality and if you hit a man don't claim that he can't hit you back, just because you are a women. And the other way around.
I belive in equality in the way of support, if both work or so, you should help eachother in home tasks, for example. Thats only an example.
Women or men, first of all are human beings, shouldn't be a competition, who is better than the other. We are all people, good and bad people, thats it. We should support, not fight.
Anyway, why hair doesn't work in the same way, for man and woman, who was the person who dictated that woman should be full of hair in her head to be prettier or more feminine?
The first thing that I heard when I shaved my head was: You look like a boy!
But I didn't lose my feminine way, it didn't grow anything in me, why?
Because I didn't have long hair in my head. Hair it's only dead cells.
So you need to do what you want, what makes you happy. In the end it's your hair, your head, your body and your life!
Just be HAPPY!

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