Sunday, July 17, 2016

Time goes by

So much time has passed and at first view nothing has changed too much but so many things happened.

For an entire week i've experienced happiness in work, although my personal life wasn't so good, it was a long week, but then I had support, I laughed, I've found cool people to hang out with. Everything because I had to change my schedule.
So in my lunch time I wasn´t alone and I left one hour earlier in the end, to go visit my husband on the hospital.
And that was the stressful part of all week, go to work, instead of going to see him, run in the end of work to catch the bus to the hospital and then, come home without him.
But also was a time of inner strengthening and endurance. I was strong for both of us.

I wasn't surrounded by bad energy that some people emit. I've learned to not let the bad energy and criticism affect me.I simply don't care anymore, we have so many things in life that are more important. All my energie was focused on him and go see him, I could not go a day without seeing him.
My husband came back from hospital, and we have done many walks, and it makes me feel alive. I forget about worries, I'm just living and enjoying the moments with him,because life is to short isn´t it?!
I guess summer time always makes me feel better. I like to be in the outside,do walks, sit in a café and drink a cup of coffee and be in the nature.
It helps a lot to clarify and to refresh the mind, to evolve inside.

Sometimes you have to lost yourself to find yourself again.