Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What to say?

It's hard to accomplish the goals that I make to myself, even if it's just for the day, like try to enjoy my day, do not get angry about stuff and situations, fight, smile, ignores what make you feel bad, or people that don't make you feel the best way, ignores stupidity of some minds.
But besides some more stressful situation, today in general was a good day.
I realize that I need to grow up again as person, I need to turn myself more stronger, I need to strengthen my mind and my soul in order to defend myself, in order to define who I really am, what I stand for, to not be afraid of talking when I feel that things are not ok.
Because if I don't do this I will suffer every time I cross my path with new people.
I'm not gonna be super social from now on but I have to learn to defend myself.
And I have to define also my ideals again and my ideas, because I've become lost, I lost the sense of me, of who I am, what I believe in, what I stand for.
I want to learn all that again, become me again, rediscover myself.
It's a lot easy to think this things and say this to me, to put this ideas in practice is another story.
But I have to say it, to be capable of understanding what's been wrong with me and change it.
I can't stay like this anymore, like I said yesterday I have to fight, I have to put my chin up and continue, because life doesn't stop, I can't stop either.