Monday, August 29, 2016

Like a hurricane!

Life is like the wind, she runs by you ferociously, shakes you, and continue.
You can't stop the wind,like you can't stop time, you can't control him but you can control your life.
Your alive even if you are in a low moment, your blood still runs in your body, your heart still beats. Even if your mind pushes you down, you can stop drown, you can get up.
You can't stop life but you can change it, you can change your mind.
You can stop the negative spiral, cause you have strenght to do it, you are not weak, you're are in a bad moment, but how many bad moments you had already? 
They don't last forever!
You can be a hurricane, cause you are strong.
Use your voice, get your head up, don't bite your tongue, don't let your inner voice be tamed, don't be afraid of taking risks, sometimes you must do it to make a huge change in your life, to pursuit your happiness.
Don't get stuck in that feeling that you are worthless, because you are not. Your are a beautiful human being, that deserves everything like others, you are so strong, more than you even imagine.
Life it's an aventure, get up and go live it, stand up for yourself, scream and cry if you need, fight!
Don't be ashamed of being afraid, but remember, you can fight all the shadows around you, you can shake them from you.
You are beautiful! So is Life!

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