Tuesday, August 30, 2016

My love!

You keep asking me why I love you, what are my reasons to love you.
How can I love you so much?
Love is an unexplainable feeling, I think, you can fall in love for a person because of numerous aspects.
But here it goes.
I love you because when I look at your face more than beauty, I see kindness, I look in your eyes and I see truth.
I love you because when I look in your eyes I still feel nervous sometimes, and sometimes I stay out of words. I feel passion when I look at you, I feel protected in your arms.
I love you because your beauty, you are so beautiful to me, the most gorgeous men, and your inner beauty, you are such a good person, you are very kind and fair.
I love you because you bring the best of me, you defy and push me out of my limits and you teach me new things every day. You are so intelligent!
I love you because you never let me down, you support me in any situation.
I can be just me, in front of you, with all my glory and failures, because you don't jugde me.
I can't see my future without you, this is our life together. 
You and me, we are a team, we are the warriors of our journey.

You are the calm to my storm and the heat when I'm cold.
 I feel you in every heartbeat.
I'm imcomplete without you.
My beautiful husband, I love you for so many reasons!
You are everything to me. You are my world!

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