Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Open your mind

Get rid of all the things you don't want inside you, begin again if you must.
In this new begin, let in, only the things and energy that suit you, and start training your mind to be less negative, because it's you who controls your mind not the other way around.
Don't let other people control your mind either, don't let them even try. Think for yourself, and analysis what other people tell you, if matter keep it and learn, but if it's gonna intoxicate you, leave it behind.
Don't let people control or influence the way you see your life. It's your's, if you made mistakes, it's gonna be your job to repair the damage, making mistakes is part of evolving.
Tell yourself that you deserve to have a good life and be happy and fake it until you make it, and train yourself to control you.
Because evolution doesn't happen in a day for another,you need time to change, your way of thinking, of feeling, of seeing. You must learn to have a new prespective of live, and it will be the way you want.
Get up, get your chin up and fight for youself, fight for your life, fight for the change.
Tomorrow always will be better if you want, fight for it.

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