Saturday, July 1, 2017

Hello, how are you?
So, a week ago I decided that I would do something with all of my free time in the afternoons. So I decided to create a youtube channel.
Right now I don't really know what path my channel will make or exactly what I will post about, since is a very fresh project in my life but, it's an idea that I always had in my mind.
Maybe I can use it to express my creativity and have fun, that's my main idea while I decided to finally create my youtube channel.
So, right now this is the only way that I can announce my channel, because my phone is broken and I don't have access to my instagram account.
My hopes are that soon I will be able to buy another phone and maybe a better one and can spread the word about my youtube channel.
Note that my english isn't perfect still, even talking but I'm trying very hard to improve that.
One kind of the videos that I want to make is like what  I make in this blog, wich is spreading positivity, and self-love, how to deal with problems, my experiences etc, but first I need to feel more confortable with speaking, and calm my nerves and shyness.
For me was always easier to write, even in my main language, than talking, I always think that I express myself better when I write than when I talk, but that is a thing that I aim to change.
Therefore, I hope to grow once more and be more confortable in my skin and hope you guys who reads my blog can help me out in this new journey.
I think I still have so much to say while I'm still learning how to live and while I grow and evolve. I still have so much energy inside me and so many ideas in my mind, that I have to put them out there.
So, thank you, who reads my blog and I hope to see you in my verryyy fresh and new YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

Link to my YOUTUBE Channel:

Love and Light

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