Monday, May 22, 2017

You are gold!

Sometimes someone is born different, with a different way of seeing this world, people, life itself.
The capability of having a open mind and explore other ways than the normal to me is a treasure, it was because of people like that that many things were discovered, because of people capable of thinking out of the box.
People that are genuine, pure with so much love inside them to share, with so many options to learn and one day teach.
Those people are the change, they are and think different for a reason, making the world a better place.
What "normal" people call them? Crazy, rebels, dreamers, imatures, people that don't know nothing, freaks, abnormals.
Being different and thinking different can be a curse, being a sensitive person can be a curse, because "normal" people will judge, will criticize, will put people aside just because they don't agree with "different" people beliefs, thoughts, ideas and opinions. That's why so many "different" persons are shy, are afraid to speak, apologize for give their own opinions, they apologize for being who they are and they try so hard to change, in order to people who are ignorant accept them.
They even start to believe that they really must be crazy, maybe they are the bad ones in this fucking story. 
And that makes good, different people turn into frustrated, depressed, anxious, scared people, who are afraid of being themselves in public and use their voice to stand up for themselves.
They close their real personality into a bubble, turning into a fake person walking among the other ones, because maybe that way nobody can mess with them.
While that, their inner light weakens, they push it to the bottom until it dims, they don't dare to shine.
Do you see how wrong is this? How twisted humans can be? How can you dare to shut a beautiful soul in a cage, how can you dare to try to screw up a treasure just because you don't see the value of it?
Because you can't open your fucking mind, and take time to educate yourself, to listen to others opinions, to evolve,you are the one who was brainwashed your entire life, you're the one who don't know nothing, you are the one who lives in a giant "normal" bubble, and don't even see the pain you're causing.

Life is much more than novels, tv shows, than knowing everything about others lives and criticize them.
Life is so much more than what clothes you wear, material goods, how rich you are or not, the real treasure are in your soul, in your mind, in your eyes.

Difference isn't bad, in a mad world preaching love, be sensitive and care for others isn't bad, have a little of innocence even when you are a grown up, to see life in a different way isn't wrong at all.
So, pease, if you are "different" and others are trying to make you feel bad about it, stand up for yourself and remember you should be the norm and not the exception.

Don't let them dim your beautiful light.

To all of those beautiful, pure souls out there, you all are gold, you are treasures and I love you all. Don't think even for a moment, you're the only one and you are alone, because there are so many sparks around the world.
We are connected!
Be Happy, be kind and belive in yourself!

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