Friday, May 19, 2017

Seeing life through lenses

Wow, 2 posts in the same week?! The girl must really be out of her mind.
Lately I've experienced a huge lack of inspiration, plus I've been feeling so tired because of work, that like I said in my previous post, my mind has been cloudy, foggy, sleepy.
But today, that aside I really wanted to do another post, sun is shinning outside, I feeling strong and my outfit of the day was cute (in my opinion haha).
What I did? I took pictures of myself, a little amateur photo shoot.

The only rose alive in our building garden
Do I have the right or best material? No! 
Do I have the best placement? No!
Do I have the best light? No!
Do I feel supeeerrrr cute? No!
Do I want to be a model? NOOO!

So why? Because like a lot of people, I enjoy doing this, I enjoy to play with my phone camera and photography is something that I really enjoy to do, since I was very young, capture moments to see in the future, is something precious to me, mostly because of my inner fear of loosing my memorie and not be able to remember anything when I get older.
Sometimes I really like the clothes that I'm wearing and the outfit itself so I just want to take pictures of it, and other times I'm feeling good about myself, so why not cheer that fact with photos, also I like to be able to see how much my face changes along time. 
Is it just me that likes that?!
I don't want necessary be a model, I don't think it could be a right job for me, but I like doing this for fun.
Since ages I've been waiting to buy a câmera, not necessary a really expensive one, but a good price-quality relation one and a tripod, because I really enjoy this hobby and sometimes I feel a little bit restricted by my lack of material, I know I would enjoy much more with a better camera than my poor phone camera with almost no picture quality, but I do the best that I can with what I have, with the sun light and so, and I continue, because this makes me feel good, creative.

No more rambling around, there are the pictures I took today.

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