Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Why don't we change the world?

Once upon a time there was a little girl living in a small city wishing to do more.
Her biggest wish was to go, seek for new adventures and save everything that needed to be saved, change everything that needed to be changed.
The little girl grew up carrying that wish in her heart, she wanted to do good.
Life happened, and the little girl's world fell apart and she needed to be saved, her world needed to change, and her needed to change.
So she did, and for sometime her heart turn a little bit darker than she wanted.
The question came to her mind, Am I a bad person now? I 
can't change or save everything if I can't do that for myself. How can I think about others when I don't care about myself.
For a while she grow in darkness, her mind, her heart had changed. She didn't turn in a bad person but she was growing stronger, to be able to protect herself from all the evil around her, she closed herself.
One day, the chains were broken, the walls fell apart and she started to see, step by step the sun shinining in her face, feeling the warm going inside of her.
As she loved herself more and her little world was staying in place, she had a realization.
It was an illusion, to want to save the entire world, to change everything, she was no super hero.

She realized that people could be really mean, or really good, but in fact people can be both. She was both, when she needed to step up for herself sometimes she could be very bad, but most of the time she chose to be a good person, but not a blind one.
She started to pass her love, her joy, her kindness to the ones who needed, the ones that could change the world one day, the ones that aparently have no future.
That's her way of making a better world, because alone she almost lost herself to a dream, a wish.
She saved many little worlds everyday, with LOVE. Maybe love isn't enought, maybe kindness isn't enought, but they are the only weapons that she have, to fight.
So why don't we change the world? Why don't we start with little worlds? With our inner world?
Because sometimes our world needs to be changed too.
By making small things we can do huge difference, maybe if we safe enough small worlds by sharing and loving and teach,we can save the big one!

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