Friday, January 27, 2017

I found myself today putting some calm music and start to do some Yoga to stretch my muscles. 
It is a rainy day and while the rain was falling I've started to meditate.
It felt very good, I started to feel calm and very relaxed.
Nothing else around me mattered, my mind started to focus and one thing that came to me was, everything depends on me.
What I want to achieve, what I have to do, the power is in me.
Depends on me if I'm strong enough to get through the obstacles, depends on me if I'm gonna get stressed out about things.
I have the power and the strenght to change my life, to make my path, to be happy. No one else can do it for me, I have to lead myself, my mind and my body.
I have to take care of myself, be strong and choose to be happy and then be able to take care of others.
 It may seem some how selfish, but how can we take care of the ones we love if we aren't in our best shape or if we don't care about ourselfs.
Even if we live a life together, each one of us have our own battles along the day.
No one can live what I have to live, independently, through my day.
Today I've learned something new, maybe I already knew it but my mind reinforced the idea.
Everything is falling in place again and soon enough I'm going to start working again. It's temporary, just until I'm able to be back to the kindergarden and work with my loved children.
I went visiting them on Wednesday, and felt the love and how they had missed me, just how I've missed them, I almost cried in front of them. I want to go back so much.
I've to be patient. I have to learn to be more patient.
Rain doesn't stop falling and I'm gonna enjoy my day reading and drawing maybe.
Be happy!

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