Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Can you feel me? Can you feel the pressure inside my bones, in my heart beat?
Maybe I'm not even here, maybe all it's just a dream, and I'll wake up all alone again.
Like a whisper from the went, I walk in these streets not knowing where to go, but I'm not lost, I'm just wandering, I know where to go back.
Your arms are waiting for me and I embrace you with all my strenght.
How could you stayed with me without getting destroyed? What I have done to deserve your love, your protection?
How you are the only person that my energy conects so well and you didn't leaved me?
I love you, that is the only certainty I carry with me.
If it's a dream I don't want to wake up ever, you are a treasure.
When you leave, you don't know what I do, I just wait hour after hour till you're back. I feel my energy drained when you're not with me.
Can you feel me dreaming, about you? Can you feel all my love running to you? Can you feel how deep I love you?!
I'm nothing, just another body walking around this world, but you, you make me feel like a person, you see all the good in me, all the potencial, you see me the way I am. You accepted me and stayed.
My sweet, sweet husband, you are my soulmate! I love you and I honor you for being who you are!

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