Monday, January 2, 2017

In this brand new year I have some resolutions, some wishes that I want to conquer.
I'm ready to live life the fullest way possible, I'm ready to fight for my future while I live my present, so first goal is to continue to improve in my mental strenght.
This past year I loved my job even with all the struggles in the beggining so I want to back  once the oportunity comes, and I want to stay for many many years because working with children it's what I truly love to do and it's a quiet job nothing to do with all my other jobs that were much more heavy, in this one I had to clean but it was very simple,very ligh on physical effort.
I tried to quit smoking and that worked out about two months and then I started to smoke in the weekends and I didn't resist so I started to smoke all the time again, so in 2017 I hope I can quit smoking for good, because the next goal I want to talk  is to take care more of myself, drink more water, eat properly, more vegetables and soup, eat breakfast and not just take a coffee in the morning.
I want to embrace my new job (when I start) without complain so much like I always do when I go to something new, because let's face it, I need the money, I will not quit so all I have to do it's to do my work and leave, that's it, problems about the job stay in the job, life is more than our job and our home it's supposed to be a place to rest and relax.
I'm a spender, not a big one because I don't have much money, but I can't help it, I buy small things, cheap things but sometimes I don't need them and even though in 2016 I learned how to control myself and don't spend money on things by impulse, in 2017 I want to improve even more, I want to save money to buy things that we really need like a new car, a new phone, a computer and eventually move to a new house and be able to buy the things that we will need.
Those are my big resolutions, my small ones are things that I don't do more often because sometimes I'm lazy.
I want to read more, I want to learn new things, I want to speak and write better english, I want to embrace myself more and accept my flaws, be more criative and productive.
So this for now is all I want to do in 2017, I want this new year to be awesome, better than 2016 of course, where I can achieve more levels in life, and more joy, more smiles, more laughs. 
A lot of good memories I take from 2016 and I hope that 2017 will give me much more.
So, I'm ready to go live another chapter of this journey, my journey, my life, our life!
I wish you all that are reading this post a wonderful and magic 2017!
Thank you 2016, let's go 2017!

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