Monday, January 2, 2017

Goodbye 2016!

It's a brand new year and I'm feeling positive even though the uncertainty of what's coming  makes me a little bit scared.
But life goes on so I also have to move.
In the 30th of December was my last day in my job at the kindergarden and I cryed a lot because I wasn't ready to let go, I wasn't ready to shut that door, but I realized, It's not forever I can return if the oportunity comes, I'll be back!
I realized all the good things that happened to me this past year, how much I've improved, I've learned, I've growned.
I've learned to get along with people, and if they act or are in a certain way I can't change them, I can distance myself if I feel that I can't get along with someone, I have no obligation to let that person get in my life or afect me. I have the power of choise who is important and who is not.
I've learn to be me,just the way I am and if people like me good if not good anyway because I will not please everybody but of course I don't like everybody.
Some people will like, some will support you and some will never understand who you are so the only thing I can assure is to be respectful and that's the only thing I expect from another person.
I've learn to be less gossip because you never know how things will end, maybe you don't like one person now and you talk about her but in the future  you get along with her a lot, so...
I've learn how to be more positive about life, life is worth living no matter how many bad moments you have, they will pass, you have to focus on the good and beautiful things that life give you, enjoy everything even if is small, put them all together and you will have a moutain of good things, moments to remember.
Be grateful and you will see things the other way around, from other prespective.
I've learn that life isn't all about work, you can enjoy your work and you can have time to yourself and you deserve that time of, a break, to take care of you.
In November of 2015 me and my husband sign the contract to rent our house and in December we moved, so last month made an year that we live together all alone, just the two of us and it's been so good, I'm very happy and grateful to been able to have a house together with no drama, working together in our life, growing a future, our future.

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