Sunday, December 11, 2016

Having a super Sunday!

After two days being home trying to cure the damn flu that I got since the cold weather started, yesterday and today we went out. We did some shopping, and went to dinner to my mother in law's house.
Today woke up early and we made our lunch wich was roasted pork and patatoes with rice.
After seeing a movie in the sofa we went out to take a warm coffee and an orange juice, but I forgot to taking pictures outside, but I did take some of my outfit, I played a little while I waited for my beloved one so in this photos I don't have a jacket, oh well, this is my first outfit post so...
The sun went out and we went home again, being in bed watching tv and eating cookies. 
Today was a perfect sunday despite the fact that I'm still ill, but better days will came.
Let's hope!

All black! That's my favourite 
and main colour in my closet!

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