Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Black will always be black!

I'm a lover of the color black, although people think other color make me more beautiful, some make surprised faces when they see me wearing other colors.
People tend to put labels on me because I wear black all the time, and some even question if I am a gothic.
No! In my teenage years I went through a phase I thought I was gothic just because I was sad and I dressed black clothes. 
I went through a lot of phases actually, and I didn't stuck with any.
Today I just want to be me, that's the more important thing that I search for, just be me and accept myself for being who I am.
I don't need any label to describe who I am or who I want to be, my clothes sure help me express myself, sure they help me feel more confortable in my own skin.
That's it, the key in here is to be confortable, confort and feeling good and confident along the day, black just happens to be my favourite color. So most of my wardrobe contains black clothes, although I'm trying to embrace new colors like burgundy, grey, camel and some olive green.
So, no I'm no gothic, I like the style a lot, yes, but I do like so many more things, I like hippie style or bohemian style, I used to had dreads and wear a lot of colorful clothes before my life turn around. (I missed them a lot)
I guess I incorporate those styles all in my head, and when it is summer time I tend to be more bohemian and in Winter I go more for black.

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