Wednesday, January 11, 2017


A tool to improve my life

Well, I'm still learning a lot about minimalism and training my mind to be a minimalist, sometimes I still want to buy things just for the sake of it, maybe it's cheap or I'm on bad mood and I want to feel the rush of having something new.
In these moments I do have to ask myself, these thing is goig to bring more happiness in a long term to my life? Are you buying this because it is the cheap version of what you really want but you can't afford it right now? 
And I usually leave the store with empty hands. I rather wait and save money to buy what I really want and buy quality things, that I know will last more and make me happy and add value in a long term. Having a budget really helps to me in way to pursuit this way of living and don't waste any money of course.
What minimalism has teached me it is that my number of possessions doesn't matter, I don't have to live with less than 100 things to be a minimalist, I don't have to have a white house with no patterns or empty walls, that's not the point of it.
I've learn to simplify, to live lightly and live in an uncluttered environment, buying pratical and really usefull things.
I used to be part of the consumerist mind set, I used to love when people gave me things, but I came to a point in my life where I prefer a fresh, organized home, because things doesn't make me who I am, my number of possessions doesn't define me as a person, most of the things that I used to have didn't make happy, they were only things.
Minimalism is a tool that help me to focus in what really give my life meaning, help me reassess my priorities and get rid of the excess of material possessions that don't improve my life in any aspect.
What matter to me is to live a happy life, with love and joy, living the moments, the little moments that I will remember forever.

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