Monday, December 5, 2016

The last month!

What the new year will bring to me I don't have a single clue.
I have one certain idea and that is, I have to leave my job. 
It wasn't mine actually but I lived it like my own. I put time and my heart seven hours daily, I created affection by those children. Now, this is my last month, I don't know if I'm gonna come back but I know that I don't want to leave. 
I don't have a choise in that so I'm starting looking up for other jobs again.
Who knows what the future can bring, nothing is certain after all and that makes me feel sad, why we can just stay in the place we fit in.
I'm not giving up, I'm trying to see positivity in the situation but I feel like breaking inside.
I can't do nothing about it, I just have to move on, maybe new oportunities come to me, that's my hope, maybe someday I return to do what I like, I return to fill hearts with love like they fill mine.
Now I do know what I like to work in, now I know what my vocation is.
I hate goodbyes but leaving this job is the hardest thing I will do.
It wasn't mine to keep so...maybe when things seem to fall apart they may actually be falling into place.
Let's hope!

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