Thursday, December 8, 2016

Sometimes life hits you hard, even if you were already expected that.
After all you try to stay positive but sometimes life happens, things change and you break the positive circle.
Life isn't made just of good moments, we all know that, sometimes we just don't know what to do to change, how to battle to make the life we want to happen.
Other times we don't know how to express our inner self in the outside because we feel one thing inside and we look to ourselfs and doesn't match.
We all struggle with something inside or outside of us, somedays we fall down because it's hard, we get tired of.
We are not made of steel, we are not machines to keep a smile everyday, to think positively every day, every moment, simply doesn't work like that.
It's ok, we are not weak for feeling down for a period of time, our body and mind need to rest, sometimes the best way to cure is to embrace the problem, allow that we think about it to search for a solution.
It won't last forever, we will get back up, stronger, once more.
It's ok not always smile or speak about joy or how beautiful life is.
That still is true, life still's beautiful, life still worth of living, we may be having a bad day or a stronger problem to solve.
All we can't do is giving up...

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