Sunday, December 4, 2016

My personal style has changed a lot,in the past years.
I been searching for myself, I had a time I didn't know myself anymore, I've lost my identity and now I found myself again, I've grown in this last year.
And I'm afraid, I'm afraid of losing myself again returning home without a "real" job, without a routine again.
But I love being home, I love to have time to do the things I love. Oh the anxiety!
Let's return to the main subject of this post: my personal style.
In my teens I past the phase of being a hip-hop "star" with my large jeans and my bigs sneakers, most of the time trying to look like a boy.
Being a gothic, with my long black skirts, my black jeans, my black converse.
Then when I started to live by myself I was a hippie/rastafari.
I had dreadlocks, I went to raves it was a funny period of my life.
After that I tried to dress "normal" like all other people, but I wasn't ready for that so I felt very weird in my own skin, I didn't felt like myself at all.
When my life got better I've started buying some clothes that I really liked, I ended having all black again, with doc martens, black boots, not being a gothic or a punk but hanging a bit for that style.
Till now, I introduced some adult clothes in my wardrobe, but most of them are black, in summer I trie to wear more light clothes and that's it.
People ask me if I'm gothic, my response to that is no! I'm me, I don't need to have any specific style, I wear what makes me feel more confortable, most of it is black clothes, I still wear my converse , I want to buy a pair of doc martens.
But I've changed, I've grew up, and  now I want more adult pieces, I'm embracing the minimalist style in to my wardrobe also.
So I want neat pieces but that I feel confortable and me, that's the most important, confort and identity.
I'm in a phase of transition so I do neeed inspiration.
Most of this photos I found in pinterest.

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