Thursday, December 1, 2016

Hello December!

Goodbye my sweet November.   

We have ahead the last month of the year, the Christmas month,where everything smells like cookies, candies and magic.
It's time to cozy socks and lazy afternoons in the sofa watching movies or reading books.
It's time for a warm tea or a strong coffee to get ready for the cold outside.
This may be the last month that I work with children in that school.
Sometimes the anxiety runs my mind, stopping me from sleep, but I have hope, my life is turning in something that I don't really know what it is, but inside I know that everything will be alright.
December is the last year of the year and I want to enjoy it, I want to look back and count all the victories, all the good moments, all what I've conquer.
I want look ahead and plan what I want to do in the new year that is coming.
Life doesn't stop, better or worse we keep living, so, for now lets just enjoy.

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