Thursday, December 8, 2016

Christmas decoration

This year I really wanted to have some Christmas decorations in our house, last year we where moving in so we really didn't think about it but since I'm trying to enjoy every season and every moment, I wanted a bit of christmas around the house. A wanted a tree a little bit bigger than this one and some diferent decoration but has we don't much money to spent, and christmas it only lasts one month I decided to have a little tiny pine tree with some red decorations.
I also have a new addiction to my stuffed animals and I bought a little reindeer with a cozy Santa's hat and a scarf.
So beautiful. 
I added my last year Christmas socks with the snowman's face, to the couch and covered the phone with one.
As the couch it is green I thought that green and red is a very good combination, and it's a classic I guess, in christmas so our tiny green pine tree has red decorations as the rest, the main color is red.

The photos aren't the best quality, I don't have a better equipment to work with, but I hope you enjoy anyway.
This is our living room, we just have the couch, the book shelf and the tiny center table that in reality it's a computer table, but oh well, I play with what I have, and I wait for better days. Sometimes I look for our living room and it's the most empty room in our house, and it is quite spacious and in the other wall we don't have anything but it's waiting for our desks to come and fill that empty space so...yeah!
Just the fact that it's a little bit harder when we actually can buy something new to our appartment , has a sweet taste and everything we own is essential to make a living, so we are very minimalists in fact. And we are happy this way, living one step at a time.

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