Tuesday, November 1, 2016

It is my favourite month of the year again. I can't help it feeling nostalgic in this time of the year.
This is my month, the month I was born, the month I found, six years ago, the LOVE of my life.
I just like the emotions, the feelings that this month makes me feel.
It was a year ago that I start this blog, so much happened, so many changes.
I'm sit in my kitchen writing, in my house, the one we were searching for a year ago in the begining of November.
I've been working with children and my job there is almost over.
I've growing and changing, teaching positivity to myself and healing myself.
How can a person change so much in just one year?!
With a lot of effort, patiente, living day by day, not rushing myself.
I had a kidneystone, and lived like a zombie(because of the meds) by a week (with a lot of pain) , something clicked in my mind, life is to short, I can't waste it.
Things are almost the same but my way of view them changed, that's a victory.
I'm more strong than an year ago.
I started enjoying the little things, the little moments that make life so precious, so beautiful.
I learned by myself that life is worth, I can't give up, I want to live so much more.
I want many more years to see November coming, and tell that I'm born in this month, I'm alive and proud of being born.
Take your life and keep it like a treasure. Live it, enjoy it, be strong, never give up and be happy!

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