Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Today, 25 years ago I was born. I can't belive how fast time goes by, I can't belive how fast last year went by.
I'm so gratefull, so proud of me, I'm still alive.
I've changed, I've grown so much in this last year, I've conquered myself again.
This year I'm proud of being me, I've accepted myself,
I'm more confident.
I'm no longer a child, but I don't feel quite old yet, I guess no matter how many years I have I will never feel that age.
That's a good thing. It means I'm evolving, not aging.
This year I feel like I started living again, not just surviving, getting out of my confort zone, like being on a beach just in my bikini or shaving my head, some little things that made a huge difference on me.
I started being me, expecting nothing from others, I quit caring if people would like me or not, I started speaking my mind more, telling what I felt about things, giving my opinion.
I started standing for myself more.
Over this last year I opened my mind, my eyes, my heart, I've learn to be kind to myself, putting me first because I also deserve that.
Before, my birthday didn't have any purpose, I hated this day.
Six years ago I found my love, my life, my husband and my life gained a new sense.
But this year is the first one that I feel peace, calm inside of me. I'm not angry or sad, I'm living my day the best way I can, treating myself with kindness.
This year I wish that every birthday years be like this one, I'm
happy because I'm alive and wishing being alive.

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