Saturday, October 29, 2016

Open your mind, teach yourself to see beyond the obvious, life isn't that boring right?!  Life isn't that simple, people aren't that simple, things may not be the way you think they are.
Everything is very complex. 
For an example, an ant is just an insect you won't hesitate kill, but did you took the time to watch, to learn about ants? They are a comunity so much complex, like humans.
My point isn't about the ants, my point is that we pass by life running , we miss the little things, the beautiful things happening around us in a blink of an eye.
Slow down, breath, live every moment of your life, maybe your life isn't perfect, mine isn't either, but I changed, instead of seeing all the bad things, I started to observe the little good ones that make life worth of being alive.
Being alive with health is already a victory, waking up every day knowing that I'm not alone is a victory.
Seeing the sun shining around me, feeling his heat.
So many, little, beautiful things around to see, to learn, to live.
Life isn't easy, isn't perfect, but feels good to be alive!
Enjoy while you can!

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