Saturday, October 29, 2016


Normally in the end of the day I get so overwhelmed with all the energies that I've caught.
All the inner fights I've fought along the day, dealing with people that try to mistake me.
There is no way, I can feel the true colors.
I don't care how beautiful you are on the outside if your inside doesn't match.
I feel no trust in anyone, because I'm surrounded by fake good people.

I had a big fight with a person like this, and she tried to convince me by crying, she was a good person, that the mistake was mine, that I didn't learn how to know her after all this time.
Some years ago or not so long as the last year, I would belive in her words,blame myself and convince myself that I'm a bad person.
But some time ago, I didn't know what I know today, I taught myself, I evolved myself and I know who I am, what I always knew but I left other people convince that I wasn't. Like she tried to do with me.
I left her do her thing, and I showed her love, I apologized for being rude and hugged her.
And I saw suprise in her eyes, because she wasn't expect this action after seeing me yelling, she wasn't expecting kindness.
I saw all of that but I saw no true kindness in her eyes, I saw no truth in her eyes, she want to be or show a good person that doesn't exists inside of her, she expects that everyone is like her, empty.
She didn't evolve at all and she is so much older than me, I feel sorry for her because you can't fake true light.
You can't fake true love.
It comes from the heart and it shows on our eyes.

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