Saturday, October 15, 2016

My life and my mind were not fancy at all, still aren't, although my mind is changing to an sophisticated way of thought.
I'm not a teen anymore, uh, this realization it's very awkward, I'm getting older. 
I'm changing, I want a sophisticated lifestyle, organized and neat, but still relaxed, cozy and cool.
I also want this to my fashion style, I don't really follow trends, I buy clothes that I like and mix them, and I'm kinda of lost right now, because I don't know what to wear because of the season changing.
Plus we aren't rich, and we are trying to save money, so it's hard right now the transition to a new lifestyle and buy new clothes that reflect my way or how I feel.
Sometimes I don't have any inspiration and don't know what to do, anymore with anything ahahah.
Baby steps with a positive and patient mind and I will get the results that I aspire to get.
I have so much to learn yet, patient is one of the many things I have to learn!
Things will happen in their time!

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