Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Dance in the rain!

It's ok in some days, not know how things will get better, it's ok to wake up and feel lost, wander about the future.
We all are humans, with fears, battles to battle, life stories to tell, we don't have all figure it out.
And that's ok!
Don't bury yourself in worry, don't make that your daily routine, otherwise you will intoxicate your mind, your essence, your body. All that's need is balance.
Take a moment to breathe, to see all the beauty around you, that you're missing while burning yourself in sorrow. Open your eyes, wipe your tears and start, take your power to clean your life, to change what's wrong, step by step, baby steps if you need. 
Make your time, you will see, things will happen. Don't try to control everything, you can't, sometimes the unexpected will happen, others what you planned will concretize.
Be patient, with you, with time. Remember everything happens for a reason, try to learn with every experience you have.
Be gratefull, you are still here! 
Bad days, bad periods of life doesn't mean that all things in life are bad, they happen and sometimes they hurt, for you to lift up stronger. 
Fighting never ends, but can be more easier!
Enjoy your journey, your sunny days and the rainy ones, because time flies away in an instance.
Why don't allow ourselves to dance a little in the rain, while waiting for the sun?
Things will get easier, free yourself a bit.

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