Monday, October 17, 2016

It felt like Sunday!

Today was my favourite day of the weekend. 
After a very stressful week, yesterday was to do some cleaning on the house, but today was all about relax.
We just went out, before lunch, to buy some fresh bread, besides that we spend all day in the sofa, eating and watching movies. It felt so cozy and warm to be here, while outside was cold and raining.
I want more days like this, I felt happy, relaxed, life was easy!
This was needed to us, to stop a little bit and have quality time together, just the two of us.
No thinking, just enjoying the moment, the movie, the food, the couch, and each other's company.
This felt like a rewarding present. Every  Sunday should be always like this, no running just appreciating.
I wish I could extend this Sunday, but it's already over. 
Tomorrow is a new day, another week starts again, got to keep the positive mind working.
All the bad and stressful days are worth it, when you have days like this.

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