Monday, October 3, 2016


I, definitely found a lifestyle to pursue while "growing up".
Although, my way of view things was changing already and I wanted to have a more clean, organised and neat environment and with a bit of elegance may I say, I didn't know how to start or what to call to that urge.
So one day, I was searching on youtube, I guess new things to watch and I found a video of Jenny Mustard, about why she didn't want to have kids, and I found that interesting, because me and the husband also don't want kids, at least for now.
So, I started to watch Jenny's videos, and as I continue, more and more I was convinced that I wanted to embraced that life style. She is my inspiration, and my mentor, I guess.
I did a lot of mistakes, I did buy a lot of stuff that I didn't need or use just because...and most of the time I did throw out things or clothes. 
I was not a very organised person, and I did attached a lot to things, things in my past was all I had, my memories were in my things because people never lasted long, now it's different.
 Plus, with this life style, I can save money and time for things that really matter or I really want.
I don't have a messy wardrobe anymore, I have a more neat house.
The sense of style, minimalism brings to me, thats what I pursuit. It feels so right!
Because less is indeed more!

 This is Jenny Mustard, fashion blogger,minimalist, vegan.
She is my inspiration! @jennymustard

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