Monday, October 3, 2016


Change, it's scary...
but change it's necessary.
In order to grow,
we need to let things flow.
Don't get stuck in the past,
your life's gonna run so fast.
Take time to enjoy
and enjoy your time.

A couple a weeks ago, I was trying to convince myself that my path would change, and I was terrified because of that, it was inevitable, my life would change again. 
Not yet! I have three more months to enjoy my life as it is now. And then? What I'm gonna do with my life?
Very good and upset question that I make myself every day.
I like to work with kids, I enjoy writing and photography and design, oh! and drawing.
I would love to create my own life style, be my own boss, writing, making this blog my work maybe, to see this project growing more, who knows.
I'm young yet, and I dream a lot, i'm a big dreamer, and that sometimes affects my life, because I'm very impatient and I want things to happen NOW!
I'm learning to calm myself down.
One thing that I've learn about myself it's, I'm in constant change, I'm growing, I try to not repeat the same mistakes, and let things flow a bit, because I can't control everything around me and can't control what's gonna happen in future.
So, live every moment, enjoy every day and the small things that makes you happy, learn with the bad ones.
Be here now, it's our reward, so make every day count in your life.

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