Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Life it's too short!

We spend hours from our lives working, running, worrying, sometimes in a job we don't like, to pay rent, bills, and buy stuff, as we need lots of stuff and clothes to be happy.
In fact we don't, because when this life it's over, we don't gonna take anything with us.
We end buying things we don't need, not with money but with our time, time we spend working to make that money, time we spent while shopping, and later on we get bored of some things or clothes and we throw out not only the stuff but our time, and we didn't even realize that.
Having a lot of stuff, a lot of clothes it's not gonna fill the empty inside, or cure a bad day or a bad mood.
We must live, enjoy moments, enjoy our love, be here now.
We should be gratefull for awake up every morning, because it's a brand new day, we never know what it's gonna bring to us. 
Live, life is too short!

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