Saturday, October 8, 2016

Laughing can be the most therapeutic way to deal with the daily routine. Of course, not every day are the same and sometimes we can't see any positivism or joy in our days or in our lives, etc. Some days all you want to do it's crying or say fuck it, I don't care anymore.
So laughing can be a little hard in that moments, but belive me, laughing makes life so much easier and better, laughing can make us feel pleasure, that's why when you cry like is no tomorrow and end laughing, you feel that all is gonna be ok!
You are allowed to laugh even if your life it's a mess right now, things aren't gonna change just because you laugh, but helps, helps your brain, your mind, even your body.
Laughing breaks the negativism and releases positive thoughts and slowly you turn your mind in the other way, you start to feel more happier.
So laugh, and turn yourself in a positive thinker. 
Even if your life it's a mess, there's always a way out!
Laugh until your belly hurts and then just a little bit more!

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