Sunday, September 11, 2016

Mind? Why don't you shut up?!

My mind is blocked, no thoughts came out, I am here, maybe not.
In another time, in another way.
I feel the rain in my brains, I feel the storm in the pain.
I feel the wind in my heart, struggling.
This must be a dream, this life isn't real,
it's real what I feel?
The knot in my throat, I can´t breath.
The water in my eyes, I can't see.
Where are you?! Nowhere!
My strenght, where are you?
The dreams in my sleep, I can't rest.
I can't see myself, there is no reflection in the mirror of me, it's not me.
My legs are blocked, I can't walk.
I don't want to go anywhere, see anybody. I can't dress up today, I don't want to.
Mind? Why don't you shut up?! 
Still exists this day and other to feel like this.
Let it flow, learn to live this days too, life isn't perfect, allow yourself to feel down!
And then, get up and start again. Another day, another you.

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