Saturday, April 23, 2016

To be or not to be?!

Today I want to talk about one very sensitive topic.
And maybe in the middle I will go around some others I don't really know cause I'll write as long as I think.
So, GAY LOVE or Gay Marriage. LOVE!
Today I had a little conversation with a person that is well educated, intelligent, who have a good life, have money, and supposedly have great values, and this person profession it's to teach and prepare children for the future, to prepare our next generation.
But her idea of gay persons was surprisingly, this person mind it's so closed about this topic, I don't even imagine about other topics.
She was like Oh! I don't understand, it's confusing to me how can be possible, and the gay marriage should be forbidden because it's not the natural law of things, if the bases of Humanity were based on people with the same gender together it was not possible to you or me to be here today, to us to be born, the conception of another being loses the sense.
The only thing that I was capable of saying was: This is your opinion, and opinions diverge.
I didn't wanted to discuss with this person, cause I'm too afraid of discuss sensitive topics with closed mind persons. 
But, Forbidden?
Why in hell, people can't choose in what way to live happier?
Doesn't matter if you love a woman or a men. Doesn't matter what color you're skin is and so on.
It shouldn't not matter at all, what should matter it's what makes us to live life happier.
Real love isn't easy to find, if people are capable to find it in different ways, what's the fucking problem?
In what way does it affects you?
I could care less if you're gay, if you're skin color is different or your weight is different, if you're leg is shorter than the other, if you're don't have eyebrows (this is my personal case, I was born without eyebrows and body hair, and didn't had hair until my 6th birthday, and then hair grow up in areas, till today, I have my head full of hair, with some non-hair spots but you can't see it unless I show that to you, and my eyebrows have developed a little.)
I would only care if you are a bad or a good person.
And it's not a current fashion like this person said, no, people are beginning to change their mentality, to accept their inner self, to freely express themselves, and at an earlier age, because they aren't afraid anymore, that's how it should be!
Why you have to be afraid of being YOU?
Everybody is different, even the so called "normal persons", they are different, each individual is different, in tastes, in way of living, in way of dressing, in way of feeling, I like black and purple, you may like bright pink, it's ok, I don't like the color but I'll not judge you because you love bright pink, because it's not going to affect me in any way.
I didn't had anyone to teach me these things, I was raised by my grandparents, and to them seeing a couple kissing was the end of the world, but by introspection I've learned naturally. I was judged so many times for being different, I still am today, but now I've learning, in baby steps to not care, and to not be judgmental about other people.
It was growing with me, this idea that everybody deserves to be HAPPY! Everybody deserves to be, to do what makes them HAPPY!
Each being is unique and this life is way too short to waste the happiness, the LOVE, to be afraid of being who we are.
So, find yourself, accept yourself, be yourself,be loved in any way, because you DESERVE it, you deserve to enjoy this life.
Ignore the people who are full of crap, that pretend to be the most correct people and in the end, they don't know anything, because their minds are so closed.
P.S.: I'm not gay,but I defend equality for everyone, I defend LOVE and HAPPINESS!

Lot of love and kisses

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