Monday, April 25, 2016

War, Fire and Explosion

How good it will be to do what we really like.
How good it will be to be the person you're really born to be.

All she knew was fight, all her life she had fought to be here, since she was a little child. Running from a land to another to find her place in the world, to find herself.
All the little things she had conquered, she had fought for them, it was hard to continue the battle but still she fought again.
She saw the time pass by her, day by day, another morning waking up feeling lost.
What direction to take, what to do with life?

She found another warrior to be next to her in the battle and she found her place next to him, until this day they fight together for a better life, a life where they can live happy without the stress of daily life, where they have time to rest, and time to each other.
Right now they are so young and old at same time and they are so tired.
Why they have to move moutains to conquer everything that they wish?
Why to cut of the wings, and put chains on legs?

She saw fire inside, waiting to burn, she saw the explosion waiting to blow sometime, but life always contain all.
The fault isn't of life itself, but the things that happen around her.
Maybe after all there is no right place for the warrior, no right path, may have no great things planned for them, maybe they have to continue fighting over and over only for surviving till life ends.


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