Monday, July 31, 2017

It is summer!

This is the time of the year when I feel more connected with everything, I feel more creative and my being is more fluid. This year though, I don't feel it quite much, I'm in a transition phase in my life and my professional life isn't settled yet, so with no stability in that area I don't feel stable in anything, my mind runs away completely from my artistic self to my "problems". 
This half year has been a little rough in terms of finding a new job, staying motivated, enjoying my life, everything that I taught myself in 2016 has been quite lost.
This is how I work, in 2016 I reached a point in my life that I felt quite stable although I knew that stability was "false" because it had a fixed end.
In 2016 I learned that what I need is stability in my life in order to feel happy, to feel connected with my surroundings because without big worries I can enjoy my personal life, grow and evolve.
Of course, problems will always exist, no one's life is perfect, but there are problems and problems and some problems are not so important.
With that said and hoping that this makes some sense, this might be the start of a new journey in a new professional place. It's not quite what I wanted but I'm getting closer.
At least I will earn a little more money and possibly I can be more stable in my personal life, I can save some money for the things that I really want, and then possibly that helps me to have more material to start creating more with more quality.

Photo by Fernando Reyes on Unsplash

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