Tuesday, April 18, 2017

No matter what, don't give up!

The human being has strengths that even him doesn't know he have.
Bad things happen all the time in our lives or for a reason or another we feel tired.
Our mind starts to feel weak, our body wants to shut down.
In these moments we feel desperate, anxious, with fear, nothing seems to work out the way we need.
It is in these moments that we must be strong, we must fight the tiredness, we must go on no matter what. Sure, it is important to rest, to take time to treat ourselfs, we are not machines and even them need some maintenance and sometimes need to be repaired.
The point is we should not give up on things, just because 
we are tired or it's to hard to do. 
Nothing is impossible to do if we put our minds in to it, if it's hard, push harder, in the end you will be stronger, you've learned a new skill, you climbed one level up.
Life is like a game,if we give up, all the effort that we've made till now will fall apart and that's a terrible thing to happen.
All of this is a lesson for me to, I'm tired, working 14 days without a day off is a mental challenge, my brain shuts down sometimes, but I wont give up, hopefully tomorrow it's the last day before my so needed day off.
It has been the longests 14 days ever, so many times I wanted to break and say, this is not for me, I can't handle it, I can't go to work because my body hurts, I want to stay home sleeping. But I don't want to feel guilty because of doing that, I've reached so many years ago, a new level of responsability that even tired and hurt I prefer to go to work than simply don't go. 
I guess I've learned how to adulting, eh eh!
What I can do is try to rest when I have the time, treat myself, eat better, hydrate myself and fight, put my mind in to it, teach myself that if it is hard I will be stronger and finally that I can do it.
It's the only way that dreams come true, you don't expect that they just happen, you have to work.
So, keep the hard work, keep pushing because one day, the tree will give you fruits.

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