Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sunny day, Sunday!

So, yesterday we just went shopping, grocery shopping, nothing much exciting and I didn't have the opportunity to take pictures because it was all dark outside.
But today was another day, I didn't took many picture just a few.
We woke up early and enjoyed a little bit the sunny day outside.
Days like these, although the cold, always make feel hope and good about life.
Days that I can spend some quality time with the person that I love.
Love is as important as the air we breathe, makes life much more easy and joyful, to be loved makes us feel important and warm on the inside, makes us feel beautiful, not that we can't feel beautiful without someone, it's important that we can feel beautiful on our own, but I think that having someone telling us or remembering us that we are beautiful makes things more special, that we matter to someone, I guess.
And today we set another goal for us in the future.
We talked about create the next Christmas time our Christmas, to set traditions on our own, to buy as presents for that day with a budget and be criative and surprise the other one. 
I liked a lot that idea and now I can't wait for Christmas time again, although I need summer so much, and it's gonna be a long ride till next Christmas.
All I can hope is that our life improves a lot and we be able to be as close as we are now!
Fingers crossed to a improvement in our life.

 This was my outfit today, a burgundy sweatshirt 
and underneath it a black sleeveless blouse 
with tiny palm trees detail.
on the bottom a normal skinny black jeans
and black boots.

 I spotted this beautiful pink tree, 
my new favourite tree!

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