Saturday, January 7, 2017

I've been watching some movies, since I've a lot of free time and I have to enjoy it somehow and be grateful for it.
I have a lot of ideas, how I could spend my time, or working in something new, but right now I can't do anything about it, since I don't have the right ways to do what I imagine in my mind.
Today we will go out so maybe I'll take some pictures and be happy about it, it's a beautifull day outside and it's a shame to waste it. Of course I would like to go on a trip, or do a walk on a beautiful place, but around us where we live, we don't have that beautiful place that I crave for.
It's not a big citty and it's not in the countryside. And I don't think that's very beautiful, doesn't have that romantic side that I enjoy see.
But well, it is waht it is, but I hope we can take some beautiful photos anyway.
Oh man, I wish I had a better phone or a camera to work in all the things I want to, that's a thing that I crave so much also.
Ok, wishes aside, I want to talk about what movies I've been seeing lately.

How do I live now

 Harry Potter

 The book thief

 The age of Adaline



 The Hunger Games

 Guardians of the galaxy

 The girl with the Dragon tattoo

If I stay

I enjoyed to watch these movies, some of them I just rewatched because I did love them the first time that I watched, and some like Harry Potter(all of them) and The Hunger Games(all of them) are movies that I could see a million times.
Deadpool is simply awesome, that's what I think about the movie and the character
So, this is what I've been watching so far, I do recomend these movies, they are pretty good in my opinion.
And that's it.

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