Thursday, January 5, 2017

Foggy morning

Foggy, early morning, night time still and she woke up, the energy has not fully restore but she gets out of bed, another day, she thinks while drinking a cup of warm coffee.
She walks on the street beside her man, walking to a funeral.
The dead body lying in the coffin tooks her attention, how peacefull it looks,she thinks, and how cold also.
Life is a second, she passes by us so fast.
The grief in the air was intense, all she did was question everything about life and death.
She always avoid thinking or talk about death, that scares her a lot, although she belives that dead is not the end, scares her to leave this world, or lose everyone she knows to that unknown black hole.
To live, is hard sometimes but to die is terrifying.
She doesn't talk, her thoughts are running in her mind, she stops thinking to listen the memories, and her memories come to her mind, she knows how it feels, she knows how is to lost someone important, the pain is inexpicable and the absense of that person takes very long to get used to.

Today's energy is balancing in the edge, and I'm tired.

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