Friday, January 13, 2017

Dreams and Goals

We tend to be afraid of changing, to start something new or pursuit a new path in life can be terrifying for some of us. Although that it's ok, we will never know what's gonna happen next, how this new path is going to work out, but we shouldn't live our lifes, day by day, worrying so much how the future going to be, we shouldn't stress so much to a point that we stay nervous and anxious for an entire day, not focusing in anything else, not focusing in what we have now, what we are living now!
Sure, it's ok to think about the future, it's ok to have goals and dreams to achieve, that's something that matter to us, that makes us go foward in life, to want more, to want to live in a certain way, to have that kind of job, to have a bigger house or better things, more time for us, in the end, I truly believe that all of us pursuit to live a life that make us confortable and happy, to have a good life, and what means good for me doesn't have to aplly for other people, everyone has is own way of living or their own path to make themselfs happy and confortable in their own shoes.
But living in worrying all the time isn't healthy, and life passes by you without you even know, maybe you'll achieve your goal in one week, maybe a month or maybe it's going to be a long time before you achieve what you want.
Don't waste your time trying to rush things out, what have to happen will happen.
Stay focus on your present while thinking about the future.

               Be Happy!

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