Sunday, November 27, 2016

Cozy minimalist

Since we moved to our house, I became more interested in house decor, interior design but as we live with a very small budget I had to work with what I have, that isn't much but we arrange everything to make a simple and beautifull house.
We both agreed in the minimalist style, although I want a cozy home.
When we moved here we ask for white walls for being easy to work with, I think that the details makes all the diference.
Specially in fall and winter, a soft blanket in the sofa, a candle here and there, a fluffy carpet on the ground.
I want a certain elegancy in the evironment also.
I don't want a house full of stuff, I want the right amount with some quality, of course, to make sure that will resist some years.I don't want to go by the tendencies because they are always changing. I want things that I know that I will not get bored by them, and that I can change them with the seasons, that's all.
So I been searching for some home inspiration, I don't own the author rights of the following images of course, most of them I found on pinterest.

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