Monday, January 4, 2016


Today I want to talk a little bit about Happy!
She is our little bunny, but in fact she is not a girl...She is BOY! :D
When my beloved brought her home, we thought that she was a boy, but their genitals not evolved after a few months, so,with much lack of knowledge about bunnys we come to the conclusion that she was a girl.

After some time while playing with her ​​I discovered she possessed boy 's genitals.
So she is a boy, but my beloved refuses to treat her like a boy. And he always tell, my daughter Happy.
My beloved offered me Happy when we were in Holland on my 22nd birthday. 
At that time I was not very well.So she came in the right time.
I was the one who chose her name, to remind me that in our lives there is always a piece of happiness and joy that we must seize. 
She's my piece of fluffy happiness. She's my baby . No matter what gender she has. What matters is that she feels loved and happy.

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